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Balenciaga floods a runway for a stunning spectacle

Chanel is known for its over-the-top runway themes but Balenciaga took first-place for its runway theme incorporating climate change into fashion. Balenciaga flooded the runway giving the appearance of the models walking on water with a full projection ceiling that projected images of rushing waves and firey blazes.

Flooding a runway isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be with the first few rows of chairs in the audience unoccupied since they were mostly underwater. Balenciaga wanted to channel the Paris Agreement that is a framework convention on climate change through the United Nations focusing on greenhouse-gas-emissions mitigation, adaptations, and finance formed in 2016.

If you think the runway is unique, then you’re not ready for the styles featured in the collection. Most of the styles are compared to wardrobes featured in the movies “Black Panther” and “Matrix” featuring massive full-length black leather jackets and draping oversized raincoats. The styles give a post-apocalyptic vibe according to the creative director, Demna Gvasalia, saying, “I just wanted something quite emotionally triggering and quite sad, and I thought about flood. In general, the consequences of our lifestyle — flood is kind of a metaphoric thing.”

(Photo Source: Twitter @Vogue.fr)

Another part of the runway concept was to have the water be something scarier than a flood, filling the room with the scent of gasoline. Gvasalia drew inspiration for the styles from his childhood when he would think why priests could wear dresses (holy vestments) but he wasn’t allowed to.

The main vestment for inspiration was monastery robes translating through trouser suits, coats, and sweaters with skirts or pants. The collection featured every possible way to wear black with the occasional pops of color. Gvasalia also took inspiration from soccer and motocross for men and women, while featuring a new twist on the classic pagoda-shoulders Gvasalia is known for his sharp tailoring.

The overall concept is to pose a reflection of environmental assaults that are common in our daily lives and protecting ourselves from the toxic environment humanity created. One of the most attention-grabbing looks was a black leather jacket covered in massive spikes.