You know what they say, dress your best no matter what. When it comes to most celebrities, they never let the weather get in the way of their fashion statements! Here are some celebrities that seriously never let temperature affect their looks!

First, Ariana Grande. On August 16, Ariana Grande was seen wearing an all-black oversize sweatshirt through 88°F New York City heat! The singer strutted through the city and even paired her outfit with over the knee black booties! Talk about not breaking a sweat.

Another time a celebrity seriously made a statement in the heat was Kim Kardashian on August 17! In 91° Miami sunshine, Kim rocked a snakeskin long sleeve shirt and pants! She topped the look off with some python Yeezy heels!

Then there’s Bella Thorne on May 23 in 91° NYC weather. She might have missed the whole temperature rise when she stepped out in a Diesel leather jacket and leather pants! Talk about scorching, right?

The Jenners are known for their athletic abilities, but on July 23 when Kendall Jenner stepped out in 90° Paris temperatures, and the model was red hot! Jenner wore a Marques Almeida jacket and pants, paired with some Yeezy boots. When it comes to Paris, it’s the place for fashion no matter the weather!

Another star who went out into scorching 90° New York City weather was Gigi Hadid back in June! Gigi was seen wearing a layered denim jacket over a top with sweatpants, who knows maybe she was trying to get a good sweat in! When it comes to celebrities and their statements, nothing can stop them!