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Chanel commits to sustainability mission

In accordance with the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, Chanel is setting new sustainability goals in reducing the mean global temperature increase to 1.5°, hence the name Mission 1.5°. Chanel is planning on making this goal by reducing emissions of operations by 50% and reducing supply chain emissions by 40% per unit sold by 2030.

If everything goes according to plan, Chanel will move to 100% renewable electricity while balancing residual carbon emissions through investing in nature-based solutions and research by 2025. The additional financial support through funding will support climate change efforts, helping communities impacted by climate change with technological advancements developing solutions with raw materials.

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Chanel has worked over the last two years to meet their sustainability goals with its core mission to produce fashion with “long-term value.” Chanel pledged to ban the use of exotic skins in 2018 as it became more difficult to source materials that meet the ethical and quality standards of the French luxury brand.

Moving towards a sustainable future, Chanel invested in Sulapac, a Finnish start-up company that is developing a biodegradable alternative to plastic. In June Chanel also took a minority stake in a green chemistry company, Evolved by Nature, that creates a natural silk-based alternative used in textile manufacturing.