(Photo Source: yahoo.com)

Anne Hathway’s Newest Accessory, Her Baby Bump

Celebrities are often seen as larger than life, or in a sort of bubble that makes them superhuman or better than the rest of us. But Anne Hathaway shows us that she is the same as everyone else in a very humbling and inspiring way.

Anne Hathaway requires no introduction. Since first hitting the silver screen in 2001 as a princess in “The Princess Diaries.” Since then, she has won multiple awards including an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for the best-supporting actress, as well as a Screen Actors Guild award for outstanding female performance. In her free time, she’s an advocate for women’s and human’s rights and she is even a UN Goodwill ambassador for gender equality. She truly is a celebrated and empowering women for all the right reasons.

But what truly stunned people was her appearance at the Broadway opening for Sea Wall/ A Life. Anne Rocked the red carpet in a neon cutout dress highlighting her baby bump while sporting metallic heels. Most celebs tend to downplay the bump or try to minimize its appearance, but Anne, wore it bold and proud. With her struggles with fertility, she’s inspiring and helping women who are struggling with infertility and conception.