(Photo Credit: Backgrid)

Chris Pratt Under Fire For Fashion Choice

Celebs these days are always under scrutiny; their day to day lives torn apart and analyzed. Some celebs may even take a political stand and not even know it, based off of their wardrobe choices.

Chris Pratt is one of the top actors on film today. He is well known for his role in The Guardians of the Galaxy series, Avengers, the Jurassic Park franchise, and many others, just to name a few. His style and ”look” on the red carpet has only given him increased notoriety as a straight-up stud. But lately, it’s his off-screen performances that seem to be receiving the most hype these days.

As of late, it isn’t his on-screen dominance that has been making headlines. Today, it’s his shirt, stating “Don’t Tread On Me,” that has the interwebs up in arms. Once viewed as a slogan of the American Revolution and the fight against the tyranny of England, today is a symbol of the far-right and viewed as a racist and white supremacist slogan.

Chris Pratt’s intentions are unclear on whether this was just a fashion statement of American pride or something else, but regardless, like everything in fashion, it has definitely sparked some debate and inspired much controversy.