(Photo Source: graziadaily.co.uk)

Rihanna just bought the entire Baby Phat archive

Dude, who doesn’t love the 90s? The hella cool slang, the classic teen movies, and of course the totally sweet fashion. If you haven’t heard, it’s making a comeback, and Rihanna may be on the cutting edge.

They say fashion comes in cycles. What you wore 30 years ago is going to once again be cool. 90’s fashion was a special time. The 90s started with the grunge look via Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. By the middle of the 90s, however, the styles changed to a more form-fitting look and bright colors. Toward the end of the decade was a major shift to business casual and early 70’s looks.

One of the biggest 90’s classics in fashion was Baby Phat. Baby Phat was a clothing company by designer and model Kimora Lee Simmons that played a huge role in the styles of the 90s. And as with all fashion, it is making a comeback with the relaunch of the brand at Forever 21.

But Rihanna has reportedly bought a huge collection of vintage Baby Phat clothing and has had her team track down specific pieces from the original brand.