Gucci Lands In Hot Water Over Latest Featured Accessory

Gucci has been in the headlines for some serious controversy lately. The Italian luxury fashion house has released some items that have sparked outrage, with the first being an offensive $890 “blackface” sweater that they listed on Nordstrom’s website. After the item was negatively addressed by shoppers, it was removed and an apology was offered, but it seems that the major labels still haven’t learned a lesson.

It was recently addressed that Gucci had released a $790 turban as an “accessory,” and with that information alone, it’s no surprise that there was a bit of uproar surrounding the item. It was released with Nordstrom, and it was a blue turban that very closely resembled the style of those worn by Sikhs all over the globe. There were a few reasons this item upset shoppers, like cultural appropriation, an expensive price tag, and insensitivity, and all for good reason.

(Photo Credit: AP Photo/Antonio Calanni, File)

Just as they did with the sweater, Nordstrom’s response to their mistake was to apologize and remove the item from their website. Gucci has yet to respond to the allegations.

For more information on Gucci and Nordstrom’s recent controversy surrounding their turbans, or to take a look at the item in question, check out the video above.