Menswear is one of those fashion trends that never really goes away. We tend to see it come back every season and we can’t help but love the way a nicely tailored blazer and trousers look on a woman. Menswear tends to make us women feel empowered and bold and any time a fashion trend can do that, we’re more than happy to see it on the runway and don’t mind repetition.

But as great as the trend is, some women tend to skip out on wearing a two-piece suit because it doesn’t look feminine enough. If this is your case, we’ve got some style and beauty advice to give this masculine trend a feminine touch.

Bold lips. Assuming you already have your look put together, you’re probably not sure how to incorporate color. The easiest way to do that is by wearing it on your lips. Red is a classic, especially for formal attire, but for the fall season berry lips work just as great. Just avoid going too dark with your color (we’re talking about you, dark plum) as it’ll create a monochromatic look if you happen to be wearing darker colors.

Hair. There are tons of options when it comes to adding femininity to a look through a hairstyle no matter what length it is. If your hair is medium to long, a chic bun or loose waves are a great option. If you’re is short, create a deep sided part and leave the hair down. You can even add a hair accessory like a pin with diamonds or pearls to add some sparkle.

Shoes and accessories. Nothing adds a feminine touch to a look more than heels. Wear your favorite heels to let them know who the lady boss is. For accessories, the possibilities are endless as you can choose anything from a clutch to statement earrings. We like the idea of carrying around a statement clutch (with a bit of sparkle) and keeping the jewelry to a minimum to keep it looking chic and sophisticated.
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