Gwen Stefani has long been known for her unique fashion sense. She is the queen of awesome, and sometimes wacky, hairstyles. This tutorial will give you all you need to know to get one of her more tame and classy looks, the half-up hairdo. She pulls it off so well on The Voice, and we just have to have it! Celebrity hairstylist Danilo recreates this timeless ‘do:

1. Start with smooth, straight hair.
2. Curl a large section of hair in front with a 2″ barrel curling iron. Keep the curl wrapped and set it in a pin curl.
3. Repeat along the top of the head and down the sides.
4. Let the pin curls cool for about 10 minutes.
5. After the pin curls have cooled, let them down and brush them out with a paddle brush.
6. Pull the top section of hair back and secure it with bobby pins below the crown of the head.
7. Add volume at the crown using the end of a tail comb.
8. Mist shine spray all over!