In case you haven’t noticed already, it’s pretty darn cold outside. So much that we’ve forgotten what dresses even look like at this point. It’s all about layers upon layers of pretty much anything that’ll keep you warm but you can’t hide from dresses forever during the winter. Whether you have a special event to attend or genuinely are not a pants type of girl, you’ll take all the warmth you can get when wearing a dress.

If you want to wear a dress while still keeping cozy, here some style tips that can help:
dressWear warm opaque tights. During the colder months, be sure to keep a few pairs of opaque tights in your closet. Although they aren’t pants, they help with blocking some of the frigid temperatures outside. Some tights are even made with fleece material on the inside to keep you extra warm.
Layer underneath your dress. A great way to keep warm is by wearing warm layers underneath so now is a good time to whip out the turtlenecks and long sleeve shirts. Depending on the dress, you can even wear a button-down underneath the dress and another layer under that shirt. Get creative and warm.
Wear pants underneath. Okay, this is probably something that many girls won’t try but this is one the rare times when you can have your cake and eat it too. We recommend wearing black skinny jeans to mimic black tights or dark navy blue as well. You get to wear your dress while keeping warm, what’s not to love?
To see more styling tips, check out the videos!