When it comes to pants, we have to admit that we love our skinny jeans. While they might not be the most comfortable, we tend to reach for them the most and they just go with pretty much anything in our closet. But now that it’s getting colder outside, those skinny jeans aren’t keeping anyone’s legs warm
and layering underneath is almost impossible.

The solution to this dilemma? Looser pants. Wide leg pants to be specific. Try these tips to look chic and keep warm this season.

Pick the right material. Just like any other types of pants, the material indicates what type of style it is whether it’s casual or formal. Jean material looks great but go with a dark navy or black for more versatility. Silk or any type of draped material is perfect for formal events as it tends to look like a long skirt when you’re standing still.

Pair them with a crop top or crop jacket. When going super baggy on the bottom it’s important to balance it out on the top. Crop tops are perfect as they’re short in length and are body conforming or you can just tuck in a top of your choice and throw a crop jacket on top. You can wear many different types of tops as long as they aren’t as loose as the pants and shorter in length.

Go baggy all over. If you’re not afraid of making a statement with your clothing, why not go all out with volume on top and bottom? You can wear an oversized sweater and some slip-on sneakers for a casual look or you can pair the pants with a long winter coat and heels and go to a more formal event.

To see more ways on how to wear these comfy pants, check out the videos!
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