Kate Moss the iconic British super model has made waves in the fashion industry with dedication and efforts in striving to be among the best in the biz. She can be said to be accomplished and she still holds deals and campaigns with major brands and she has confessed to taking advice from her beautiful teenage daughter Lila Grace regarding fashion.

Despite her work, she has a bond with her daughter and her daughter is currently following her steps in the modeling industry. Kate Moss has been known to listen to her daughter and take her advice when making beauty and fashion choices. According to her, Lila Grace has more interest in fashion and beauty, so she trusts her daughters comments and decisions when it comes to her personal style.

Kate Moss says she has little interest in things like makeup and barely wears them except for a shoot. On the other hand Lila Grace pays close attention to makeup and fashion items, follows a lot of experts on social media and has more knowledge in their application.

Kate says she has a thing for 90’s vintage looks and she stays true to it. With the support of each other, the duo would last a lot more longer than other people in the industry.