Everybody loves an amazing nude lip. It’s not only neutral but it looks good on everyone. Some people may have troubles with neutrals if they have fair skin but do not fret… there is a nude for everyone and it’s super easy to achieve!

Before you apply lipstick, always make sure you moisturize either with a balm or mask especially a scrub if your prone to dry skin. Then you want to use a nude colored liner to define your natural lips shape! It may seem extra but it seriously brings a nude lip to the next level and gives it dimension making it so important.

Depending on your undertones and if you are fair or cool colored that will determine what kind of nude color to use. You can use a color chart to see what will pop with your eyes and facial features. You have to make sure when using a nude lip that you use things like blush and highlighter to keep color in your face so it works like a substitute.

After you are done with your lips, you can trace around the liner with a concealer to clean up the look and perfect it even more! If you like Cheyenne you can add a clear glass on top for a glossy effect. A nude lip is in style all year round so you can never go wrong with it!