Men’s Modest Fashion Is Becoming Big

Modest fashion is taking over the industry for women, but now men’s wear is looking for more modest options in upcoming collections. Modest fashion is more of a conservative style that isn’t too tailored or revealing, the popularity started amongst people in religious communities and more are taking to a more conservative style.

Many who practice Islam are looking to modest fashion lines to incorporate modern style with certain dress codes. Ilyas Morrison is a modest fashion designer who is looking to make men’s wear more modest.

Morrison says, “For all males, we should observe loosely-fitted clothing. Nothing too tight, nothing skintight, and always cover from the navel to the knee.” He continues, “We always hear this narrative that in the female industry it’s about female, female, female, but men also have these obligations.”

Morrison says that he hasn’t solved or satisfied the demand for a modest but fashionable balance of clothing. Morrison says that there is a rise in demand for this commodity and individuals are trying to fight the balance between adhering to modesty guidelines and making something fashionable.

Shannie is the founder of a modest modeling agency, hoping to give young Muslim men the opportunity to work in the fashion industry without having to compromise their beliefs. Shannie the founder of Umma models says, “When it comes to Muslim men in the industry, no one really knows what their requirements are and is often misconstrued to say that they could show themselves in underwear or have their chest out.”

Shannie also stresses the importance of religious ideologies with simply having just women in the room with one male model and this is actually not the case.

Lewis Gray is a modest male model and he says, “The only message I’m really trying to put across or through how I dress or through what I put out is just giving young [Muslim] men space to just be true with themselves.” He also wants to show the world that you can incorporate modesty with fashion while upholding your religious beliefs.

One of the biggest trends amongst the modest fashion industry is ripped denim. Most modest fashion designers are adding another element of creativity with this choice in fashion by adding layers under the ripped denim.

For more on the booming modest fashion industry, check out the video above.