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She’s only 9 and already stunning on the runway

Fashion has taken a turn from the idea of exclusivity to this new idea of inclusivity. And it’s a great thing! No longer is fashion a privilege of the elite and only for a small percentage of the population. Now, anyone can participate in fashion without stigma or societal pressures.

New York fashion week is one of the biggest and most talked-about events in fashion. New York Fashion Week brings all of the biggest names in fashion from designers to models, and guests alike.

But it wasn’t just big names like Gigi Hadid who received all of the spotlights. A nine-year-old girl may have stolen the show with her modeling debut during fashion week.

That’s right, nine-year-old Daisy May Demetre was one of the most talked-about models at the event. But it wasn’t just her outfit that stole the show.

Daisy May Demetre is a double amputee and the first to ever walk the catwalk for the famous New York Fashion Week. Wearing a stunning Lulu et Gigi dress that showed off her prosthetic legs, young Daisy Demetre rocked the runway and inspired everyone to follow their dreams and serving as a shining example of fashion’s change for the better.