The already athletic brand Puma, recently signed a deal with the biggest NBA player of the season… which means things are only about to get more sporty. DeAndre Ayton, who has decided to integrate into fashion as well as music, meaning that Puma could get an edge over other brands! Basketball seems to be the ones for that has strong ties to pop-culture because of its popularity.

Basketball and fashion have been growing together through the years, now basketball wants to be a part of the music industry more than ever! Athletic brands like Nike and Adidas also have lots of success when working with athletic figures, but Puma really seems to be ahead of the game with all their latest designs and sports appeal.

The biggest question is who will be running this new revived basketball division, well you’ll be wowed when you find out who. Puma chose none other than famous rapper and mogul, Jay Z, who is a fitting choice given he’s one of the biggest fashion icons for men.

Puma has an old-school yet a new school feel to their style, which means everyone of all ages love it! Puma has also worked with big singers like Rihanna, Who really made an impact on the brand with her large popularity. It’s expected that a bunch of big-name players from the NBA league will be collaborating with Puma, taking things to the next level. What do you think, is Puma taking sportswear to the next level?