(Photo: Stella McCartney)

Stella McCartney focuses on sustainability for the Summer collection

Stella McCartney is a big name in the fashion industry, especially when it comes to sustainable style. Stella McCartney is celebrating the power of plants for their Summer 2020 campaign featuring their long-time factory partner in Italy.

The team behind the Stella McCartney brand focuses on all aspects of production and making the best choices for eco-conscious ethical production practices. The goal of their new campaign is to be completely transparent, showing the world the people and process behind creating their plant-based fabrics.

The symbiotic Italian factory partner Brunello provides the sustainably-sourced viscose lining and organic cotton used for the Summer 2020 collection using over 75% of sustainable fabrics. The Brunello facility is powered by solar energy and utilizes LED lights for a smaller carbon footprint, they also upgraded their machines to reduce CO2 emissions.

93% of the cotton used for Summer 2020 ready to wear line is organic. All of the knitwear and tailoring utilized traceable wool, recycled polyester, organic cotton, and sustainable viscose.

Handbags for the new collection are made from an alternative cruelty-free vegan leather that consists of recycled polyester back from plastic waste. The alternative material is coated in over 50% of vegetable oil that is natural and renewable, reducing the use of virgin petroleum materials. The eyewear accessories are crafted from bio-acetate sourced from wood pulp fibers for a biodegradable and phthalate-free material.