Who doesn’t want to look great for the fall time? When you think plaid, you might think of it as a men’s pattern. But this fall, plaid is strictly for the ladies! Although plaid is timeless, here are some super different looks for fall that incorporate the chic print!

This year, it’s all about being mad for plaid, because plaid is seriously everywhere. This year plaid is more feminine than ever, and it’s been designed with clothing you would never imagine. A lot of people think of suits when plaid comes to mind, but this year there’s everything from jumpsuits, skirts, to tops and even nightwear and accessories!

A beautiful black patterned plaid jumpsuit from Dillard’s, features ruffly girly girl sleeveless straps and a waistline that will make you look slim. It’s very form fitting and also is super fun, fresh, and perfect for fall!

This year there’s even plaid with dresses, and another dress you can find at Dillard’s features a knit print plaid dress. It’s a super comfortable dress that you can wear any time whether you want to wear it for a casual day out with some black flats or, you can pair it with some black boots and tights for colder weather. Instead of a structure look, it features a fun ruffle detail towards the bottom of the dress, which completely screams fall.

Some people can be scared of plaid, but really anyone can wear it if styled correctly. You should never wear plaid on plaid because you can end up looking like a used car salesman even though it may look cool on the runway. Something else that would look great for fall is a plaid skirt and a red leather jacket, which is traditional work-wear mixed with edgy style.

You can even mix plaid with different patterns as long as the scale balances each other out. Taking a feminine printed top with some plaid pants is a perfect balance of woman and menswear! Dare to wear plaid this fall, because it’s one of the biggest patterns of the season!