Contribute to a sustainable future through fashion

The future of the fashion industry is focusing on sustainability so naturally more fashionistas are making a new year’s resolution for more sustainable shopping practices. There are a couple of ways to change your shopping practices to support the future of the attainable sustainable fashion industry.

Supporting sustainability through fashion can start with the way we shop with more responsible shopping practices starting with deeply considering whether you’ll wear something you buy. You’re less likely to toss clothes that you’ll truly appreciate and use for a long time.

Alternative means of shopping for clothes including secondhand shopping or renting so you can have a versatile wardrobe without needing a big closet. Renting is becoming a popular option with some rental services the option to buy if you fall in love with any of the pieces.

Changing your carbon footprint can change with your choice of fabric that supports the further use of sustainable materials with more brands. Organic cotton is less resource-intensive and has a lower carbon footprint than traditional cotton blends.