If you love skin care, it’s time to go bananas! Bananas – a healthy, nourishing, fruit with many amazing benefits not only for your body, but for your skin! The yellow fruit is more popular than ever, with so many skin care products being infused with its yumminess. Bananas are loaded with vitamins, potassium, and moisture… making it inevitable as to why it’s so popular.

Bananas cause bright skin as well as anti-aging affects. People use bananas to make their teeth less dull and it does the same for your skin. Not only does it help with acne and breakouts, but it also helps fight dry skin. It also helps your chances of your skin being exposed to UV damage. Some say it has even helped heal their psoriasis and bug bites. So many companies are putting bananas in their products nowadays because of all it’s amazing benefits.

The most popular banana bay skin care products are amazing. The Body Shop brand makes a banana body yogurt, retailing at only $15. It is One of the best moisturizers you can use for glowing skin! Another popular item is banana lip balm made by Lanolips for only $15!

The well-known, high-end skincare brand, Ole Henriksen, makes a bright eye cream that guarantees you that you will no longer have those dull under eyes!

There are also plenty of banana masks out there as well as makeup remover, vitamin mists, and sunscreen. Bananas are so appealing when it comes to skin care and it would be absolutely monkey business to not try it out for yourself!