The duchess of Sussex has a long tail of admirers since she stepped into the royal household. Her personality, style and culture keeps her on the good side of the nation and even beyond.

A lot of people pays close attention to her wardrobe since she is royalty and one notable fact has been her choice of colors. Meghan Markle mostly wears neutral colors, but one of the most noticed is the Navy blue shade she has been dawning recently especially in her royal tour, she wore more navy blue outfits than other colors combined.

An applied color specialist has noted that it might be a conscious decision. She says that blue as a color depicts trust, logic and wisdom. These qualities are actually not far from Markle’s personality.

Blue is also considered as an approachable color together with it’s counterpart black. It is a highly professional color and is an ideal choice for any professional environment. This may be a strong reason why the duchess has decided to wear blue more often.

Studies show that navy blue actually has a history in Britain among the royal navy officials. Meghan can be seen as one who considers her duties very important and so chooses a softer shade from black.

She has worn this same shade of blue eight times in her royal tour and even wore two blue outfits in one day, the last day of the tour. The color suits her personality well and largely compliments her skin tone. Even if she weren’t royalty, this is a good fashion color choice to go with in this season.