Instagram star Melly Sanchez shows how to get her signature look. Melly has over 981,000 Instagram followers and over 329,000 YouTube followers!!!

Begin by sweeping gray eyeshadow over all of your lids. Next, define your brow bone with a shimmery champagne shade. Apply cream champagne shadow at the inner corners of your eyes. It acts as a highlighter to brighten your eyes!

Then, use a thin, angled brush and black cream eyeliner to line 3/4 of your top lash line. Draw a diagonal wing from the outer corner of your eye. Connect the line on your lash line with the wing. Fill in the empty triangle to create the wing. Draw a small triangle around the inner corner of your eye and extended it along your bottom lash line.

Clean up any rough edges edges with a concealer. Finish with a few swipes of mascara on the top and bottom. Pump it up! Apply false lashes to add even more drama.