(Photo Source: TheTodayShow.com)

Fall in love with these new manicure ideas

There is something about having your nails done that makes you feel put together as you’ve truly completed your outfit. And whether you’re someone who likes to keep things short and neutral or long and bright, fall is right around the corner and there are a color and style trend for just about anybody.

When looking around at upcoming fall favorites, we’ve seen things like: dark teardrop tips (paired with an additional dot, almost like an exclamation point); a unique magenta ombre; cool plum shades; slate gray with white swirl overlays; a glossy-looking moss color, complete with sparkles; cool-toned emeralds; rich terracotta oranges; periwinkle shades that come darker than your average pastel; pairing three colors to create a sunset-themed rainbow (the chosen selection here was white, champagne, and orange); and a swirly, glittery nail polish that can be manipulated with a magnet and leaves a very magical, sorcery-like vibe.

Try out a bright new orange or opt for modern design; whatever you choose, your fall nail choices are sure to make you feel good no matter what.