Pastels are staple for the Spring and Summer and now that the season is here, we’re going all out. The soft colors were prominent on the runways of designers like BCBG and Rebecca Taylor for this year in a many different pieces so there’s lots to choose from.
Whether you want to wear the trend in something as small as a handbag or go all with pastel head-to-toe, here are a few ways you can wear pretty pastels this season.
Pastel top + white bottoms. Although pastels are soft colors, they’re still bright in their own way and it’s understandable if wearing pastel pants isn’t for you. The next best thing you can do is wear a pastel top and keep it season appropriate with white jeans. White pairs well with every pastel color so keep that in mind as a general rule.
Pastel top + pastel bottom. This combination is a bit more daring but looks incredibly chic if done right. Pastel colors all pair well with each other so it’s just a matter of using a combination that you like best. It can be pink with beige, blue and yellow, purple and pink, etc. so you’ve got lots to choose from. We recommend starting with solid colors first before diving into pieces that are pastel with print.
All pastel everything. This outfit is the one you wear when you want to make a statement but can also be modified to be more demure. The key here: varied hues of the same color. Pick a pastel color you love in 2 different hues; the lightest hue on top, darker one on the bottom. You can of course do the opposite but it’s all a matter of preference. A nude heel will complement the look as well as give it a break from the same color.