Meghan Markle just attended her first official engagement with Prince Harry and proved she’s already a natural at royal life! The former actress was all smiles when she first stepped out with her fiancé and was eager to meet with their hosts and the fans cheering for them on the street.

Before kicking off their official agendas and meeting with organizations that raise awareness for HIV and sexual health, Markle proved she wasn’t afraid to approach the people who waited to see them outside. She shared a laugh with one of the hosts who welcomed her. She briefly bonded with a fan over Suits, and revealed to her that the show still has a couple more seasons. She talked one on one with a fan who was near tears. There was this adorable handshake. She rushed forward to greet even more onlookers and she and Harry swiftly juggled greeting fans on both sides of the street. Thanks to her career as an actress, Markle is familiar with attending public events.

However, she still needed to undergo some royal training before stepping out with Harry. A source told Us Weekly that the prince’s close aids advise Markle on “everything she may be unsure about.“ However, it looks like Markle is definitely a fast learner!