The sports coat was given a new meaning at the recent Men’s Fashion Week in Paris, with a majority of designers incorporating athletic wear style with a suit.

The tailored suit style took the backseat for Men’s Fashion Week with designers featuring baggy styled suits that resemble jogging clothes. One of the biggest recurring styles is suits featured with sneakers to truly tie in the athletic wear style to a formal suit.

Louis Vuitton’s menswear stuck with this theme under the design of the new artistic director Virgil Abhol. Showing off the new Spring 2019 collection Abhol wanted to draw the attention of the younger generation through their new causal style and promoting the travel aspect of the brand with a diverse collection. The new collection also featured T-shirts which was a new additional for their fashion house.

Abhol wasn’t the only designer to make their debut, this was Kim Jone’s first men’s runway show for Dior Homme. The Dior Homme collection featured the casual style of baggy suits while featuring a round runway at the Garde Republicaine barracks with a 10-meter-tall KAWS sculpture covered in flowers.

Raf Simons also made a comeback to Europe for their Men’s Spring 2019 collection featuring large satin overcoats with thick-soled futuristic style shoes. This collection also featured T-shirts along with large-style sweaters. They also featured accessories made from recyclable materials such as soda can tops and plastic rings from six-packs.

Most of the runway shows featured androgynous models leaving many to question the gender of the models, promoting gender fluid fashion. Though there were many gender fluid models on the runway this year 2017 was one of the most diverse years for models on the runway. Another issue with men’s fashion week was a lack in size diversity, featuring predominately smaller models for sample sizes.

There are many changes to men’s wear in fashion but are still calling for more changes to accomodate their style to tailor different body types. For more styles from Men’s Fashion Week in Paris, check out the video above.