When it comes to warm weather, sometimes people can dread putting on an outfit that they know they’re going to sweat. Here’s few easy hacks you can stay fashionable and cool at the same time!

Scarf Dress:
If you’re doing something casual and it happens to also be warm, try making your own scarf dress! Not only is it super easy, but the material of a scarf is so versatile that you can come up with so many different styles and looks. You could make a halter, off the shoulder dress, or a simple short sleeve ensemble. You will be surprised at how many people will ask where your dress is from!

Button-Up Work Shirt:
Something else you can make but with an everyday button up Work shirt, is your own DIY off the shoulder dress! Simply fold the striped top and cut across the top, then you want to use an elastic and so the top of the shirt so that it becomes a stretchy, sleeveless dress. If you can get your hands on a navy and white striped shirt, that makes it even more stylish!

Tank Tops And Camis:
Chances are you probably have a few basic tank tops around. If you want to revamp that spaghetti strap, cut across the top to create a trendy tube top! You can even add lease in other fabrics if you’re looking for a sleeve or something extra unique. You can even turn a tank top into a skirt, which will keep you much more cool than a bulky jean skirt… the possibilities are endless.

Basic T-Shirt:
Last but not least, you can also turn a basic T-shirt into a sleeveless top for a refreshed, lightweight, look!

Whether it’s the summer or you live somewhere warm, you can’t go wrong with one of these DIY hacks!