Learn all about the cap-toe shoe trend

Shoe fashion is having a retro moment with the resurgence of the cap-toe shoe. From budget to designer, mild to outlandish, we are seeing a plethora of styles that those in the fashion world have not seen in ages. What’s old is most certainly new again, and these chic shoes are no exception. Here is everything you’ve ever wanted to know about cap-toe shoes, and how to make them a fashionable part of your wardrobe.
The cap-toe shoe is characterized by its signature toe, which in traditional styles is simply an extra piece of leather, or “cap,” over the toe. These caps are typically a different material, and almost always a different color, pattern, or texture than the rest of the shoe. This serves to emphasize the toe, bringing all the attention to the front. The cap gives a certain special something to a shoe that might otherwise be plain and unadorned.

There are many ways to wear cap-toe shoes, but this season’s styles tend to emphasize current trends. For example, color blocking is hotter than ever, and the style has translated well to cap-toe heels. It’s not uncommon to see blue shoes with magenta caps, or orange shoes with bright-blue tips. Designers have also capitalized on trends like metallics and studs, incorporating them into their cap-toe pumps.

Here are some of my favorite styles, for your consideration.

Corso Como Quilted Cap Toe: the quilted look gives this heel total class, adding sophistication and elegance to any outfit.

Classiques Entier Riley Cap-Toe Pump: this basic cap-toe heel in neutral tones is perfect for adding a dash of style to an office wardrobe.

Christian Louboutin Maggie Cap-Toe Pump: sport these bold heels for a fun night on the town and you’re guaranteed to garner double-takes wherever you go.

With many shapes and styles, you can’t go wrong with a cap-toe. Are you a fan of the fancy footwear?


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