One of the most common problems for a beauty lover (or hoarder, no judging) is having so many different products and not enough space! It can get pretty frustrating because there’s only so much space on your vanity and there’s a possibility that the new Tom Ford Spring 2014 makeup collection won’t fit on it. Since that’s definitely not an option, organizing your makeup collection is the best thing you can do especially because spring cleaning is on the horizon.

TF makeup

You have two options when tidying up your vanity: buying premade organizers or making your own. If you’re crafty, glass containers are the way to go and you can personalize them by painting them or adding labels. They are best suited for brushes and longer products like lip glosses and mascaras. These clear glass containers come in all heights so lip sticks and lip stains can also fit in these as well. You can find these containers at any arts and crafts store for no more than around $10.00 each.

DIY craft projects don’t come naturally to all of us so buying an organizer with all the compartments is the best way to go. They can be a bit expensive depending on how big your makeup collection is and start around $35.00 and go up to $80.00. These organizers are great because they have a compartment for almost every makeup product and have drawers as well.

For additional tips and ideas on how to organize your makeup, check out the video.