Corsets originated as an undergarment, designed to cinch the waist as much as humanly possible, to create the illusion of an extremely svelte midsection. This year women are looking to corset inspired accents to create a vixen-esque style that accentuates a curvy hourglass figure.  From full on corset tops, to simple corset inspired waist cinching, this trend is a flattering and super sexy way to makes a fashion statement. Mini corsets, known as bralet tops are the most recent variation of this trend, favored by youthful fashionistas who want to show off a little more skin. Full sized corset are still a popular staple in dresses, we have seen a slew of celebrities walk the red carpet in corset bodice dresses this year.

For a subtle yet sexy way to rock a corset inspired pieces we suggest opting for a corset back top. This type of blouse laces up in the back like a corset but is made of flexible fabric and does not have the uncomfortable boning in the sides. We recommend pairing your corset back top with wide leg trousers for a fun play on both masculine and feminine styles.  If you want a show stopping, jaw dropping sexy corset look we recommend going for a corset mini dress. Beware this looking is very flashy and can look tacky when paired with over the top accessories. So keep everything else in your look minimal, so your dress can be the center of attention.

Try The Trend Tips

Ready to rock a sexy and flattering corset this year, we hope so and to help you master this trend here are a few tips for you to keep in mind.

If you want to purchase a tradition corset you’ll have to look at a few things, the boning down the sides, the laces in the back and the fabric. You’ll want to make sure the boning does not dig into your sides and that the lace and fabric are high quality, to ensure you get the most wear out of your corset.

Remember you’ll need a corset that is a bit large than you are, in order to avoid any unflattering pinching or squeezing when its fully laced up.