The high slit maxi skirt is a trend that we in love with right now. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Rachel McAdams, Rachel Bilson and Poppy Delevingne have all recently been spotted rocking this thigh exposing style of skirt. We love the way the high slit maxi skirt adds a little extra oomph to your outfit without making you look like your trying overly hard. Another great thing about this trend is that it meshes the flowly ethereal vibe of a maxi skirt that we love and turns up the sex appeal just a bit. Whether you want to rock the thigh high slit mix skirt for date night or for a quick Sunday outing, this trend is one we highly recommend you work into your wardrobe ASAP.

For a super simple way to rock this trend pair a simple basic black v-neck t-shirt with a peach colored high slit maxi skirt. All you’ll need to do is add some cute flats and a funky handbag to make this look perfect for a mid-day outfit on the weekend.  If you want to rock this style in a fancier way we recommend pairing a fitted black high waist, high slit maxi skirt with a simple tucked in white tank top. To make this style really unique add in a bold colored pair of pumps for just the right amount of “pop”.

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Another fantastic thing about this trend is that it easily transitions from spring to  fall and winter wear, with the addition of some fun printed tights and knee high boots. We love how the skirt really showcases the boots in a fun and youthful way.

Try looking for a maxi skirt that has two knee high slits on each side, this is a fun and more casual variation of this trend.