So you love your 5inch heels, but unfortunately they don’t always love you back.  Between the pinching, blisters and sore feet, it’s a wonder we women still put ourselves through the trouble of wearing heels. Yet, we wear the painful footwear with the thought that “maybe this time they won’t hurt”. Well good news, we have some great ways to help prevent your feet from feeling the pain of your favorite heels.

First off, start by being sure that your shoes are not too tight; if they are just choose a different pair. Even if you think you can squeeze into them, tight shoes always end in a painful limp the next day. Once you’ve ensured your shoes are fit for wearing, spray your shoes with antiperspirant, even if you don’t sweat all that much. The reason being, that    the slightest amount of moisture can cause the straps or backs of your shoes to chafe your skin. Another measure to prevent skin chafing would be to invest in Band-Aid brand blister blockers, their made specifically to prevent shoes from causing blisters on your feet.

If you’re the type of gal that gets pain across the ball of your foot when you wear heels, you could opt for a gel insert from the Dr.Scholl’s For Her collection. These removable gel pads will last you a while if you take care of them. Another way to prevent lower foot pain is to make sure your toe nails are trimmed, overly long toe nails being shoved into a high heels is not exactly the ideal situation for comfort.  If all else fails, always have a backup pair of black ballet flats in your car or purse. Mainly because certain shoes will always hurt no matter what measures you take to prevent it, so having a backup will keep you from spending the evening barefoot and writhing in pain.