The maxi dress is one of those rare trends that is functional, fashionable, beautiful and most importantly comfortable.  A trend like that is one to hold on to, which is why women throughout the decades have turned to the maxi dress for both fashion and comfort. Designers, celebrities and housewife’s alike all adore the maxi dress primarily because it is so versatile and flatters almost any body type, from boxy to curve, and everybody in between. Another great thing about maxi dresses is that can then look fashionable year round, from winter well into summer. One of our favorite qualities about the maxi dress is that its lends itself so well to different prints, we’ve recently seen monochromatic, floral, polka dot and tribal print maxi dresses on the runways and the streets.

During the summer time we highly recommend you rock a boho chic maxi dress with either a floral or paisley pattern. To this outfit add braided brown sandals and some cute stackable bangles, these little additions will emphasize the boho vibe even more. For winter time we recommend an edgy rocker chic take on the maxi dress by pairing a black maxi dress with a leather jacket and gray ankle boots.  This look is sexy with an edgy vibe that perfectly suites the coldness of wintertime.

Try The Trend Tips

Ready to take advantage of a gorgeous and comfortable trend, well here are a few tips to help you avoid a maxi dress mess.

Be aware of the length of your maxi dress, be sure that you are not drowning in the fabric. If you have a more petite stature you may have to get your dress hemmed to properly suite your height.

In summer time look for maxi dresses with sheer or high-lo skirts, both of these silhouette variations are on trend to be very popular for summertime.