Navy blue is obviously not a new color to the fashion world, but this year, especially on the red carpet, we have seen tons of lavish, feminine and sexy navy blue gowns. At the 2013 Sag awards alone, Jennifer Lawrence, Marion Cotillard, Jessica Lange,  Amanda Seyfried and Nicole Kidman all donned chic and sleek navy blue gowns. Most of these stylish ladies opted to let the navy blue make their fashion statement, while keeping the rest of their ensemble simple and clutter free. This is exactly why we love this color trend, because simply wearing this sophisticated hue can make a huge statement with minimal effort and add-ons.

As far as what colors look good with navy blue we recommend keeping things neutral and sticking to black, tan, grey, nude or white. For example, look for a retro mod shift dress with navy and tan color blocking. This style of dress would look great for a wedding or even at the office with the addition of a pair of sleek black pumps. As far as accessorizing with navy blue you can opt for a navy blue leather handbag or even navy blue boots in the fall, or you could go for something as understated as a navy manicure.

Try The Trend Tip

Navy blue is a super simple color trend to wear and we highly recommend you add it to your wardrobe ASAP.

If your at a loss for how to work navy blue into your wardrobe a simple tip to remember is to replace your black with navy. For example instead of wearing your little black dress out to dinner opt for a little navy one instead. You will still look just as chic in navy as you would in black, however the navy is a little more unexpected and unique.