There’s nothing worse than looking at your face in the morning and realizing there’s a big red spot. Sometimes it hurts, other times it’s itchy but it’s always unexpected and unwelcomed. Makeup will cover it to an extent but the best thing to do is prevent them from showing up in the first place. While sometimes they’re hormonal or due to stress, there are other things you can control.

To see how you can avoid breaking out, try out the following:

Don’t touch your face. It’s a given but really, don’t touch your face. You touch everything with your hands and those things have bacteria so it transfers over to your face. Sometimes touching your face is a habit so if something feels itchy or a strand of hair is bother you, use your knuckles. They don’t do any touching so the chances of you breaking out are lower.

Clean your phone screen. Every time you put your phone to your ear it touches your face so makeup, sweat, and dirt accumulate. Clean it every time you use it to prevent cheek pimples from appearing.

Take all of your makeup off at night. Leaving makeup residues clogs your pores so you’re guaranteed to wake up looking like Rudolph in the morning. Clean your face properly (double cleanse if you can) at night and follow with a toner to catch any leftover residues.

Avoid getting hair product on your face. If you’re constantly using hair sprays chances are your face is getting some of the product too. This can cause pimples so be sure to cover your face with one hand to block and product from getting on it.

Switch out your pillow case at least once a week. Your pillowcase is home to all of the hair and face oils you produce at night as well as any hair products that you applied during the day (like dry shampoo). All of these impurities accumulate on your pillow so it’s important to switch pillow cases at least once a week to lower your chances of getting random breakouts.
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