The technical definition of a shift dress is a garment that features straight lines and does not hug the bodies’ curves.  Sounds pretty simple right? Well it’s the simplicity of this silhouette that makes the shift dress appropriate for any environment from work, to date night and everything in between. We even saw Michelle Obama wearing a stunning shift dress on election night. The shift dress is the perfect go-to choice for any women and any occasion. It flatters almost every figure and now-a-days you can find them in any pattern, color or fabric under the sun. To help you sift through the sea of shift dress designs we have our top 3 favorite types of shift dresses below.

Geometric Print Shift Dress

The geometric print shift dress is perfect for the office environment; pair it with sleek pumps and a blazer, for a fresh yet sophisticated look. As for the print, you could opt for shapes like circles, cubes or triangles. We suggest keeping this trend in neutral tones like black, white and gray. Since the print is bold enough for the office environment, you don’t want to over do it with a bright color as well.

Colorblocking Shift Dress

The color blocking shift dress is the perfect example of a modern and youthful take on this trend. Look of color combos like hot pink and orange, blue and yellow or mint green and peach. This style of shift dress is perfect for spring and summer time because it works in the bright floral colors of the season.

Accent Fabric Shift Dress

This type of shift dress is perfect for work or play because it is interesting and classy. On this type of shift dress you’ll notice panels of different fabrics, like leather or velvet. This is a great way of adding a little edginess to a plain old shift dress.