Fashion is a style of clothing, hair, decoration and even behavior people exude in society. People are attracted to fashion that is in vogue and would spend through their nose to acquire the in fashion and beauty, so they could be among the elites in society.

Some of the fashion in 2018 is too shabby and almost left fashionistas unclad and not presentably responsible and as such efforts should be made to send these styles into oblivion before 2019:

Bike Shorts
They are short-legged elastic tights usually worn as sports wears, under girls clothes as underwears and for gymnastics and ballet purposes. The bike shorts are usually very tight and tend to expose the under garments while walking.

It is a loose fitting garment worn to cover the whole body except the hands and feet. It has no space between jackets and trousers and no loose jacket tails. Long thin pockets are usually affixed to it with a sleeve rope serving as a waistband to hold it in place. It is impossible to remove unlike jackets when the average room temperature rises and conditions are not favorable putting it on. This should be effaced by 2019 with a more formal clothing such as jumpsuits.

Socks Sneakers
They are super light stretched fabrication with a lightweight chunky supportive sole because of its frail sole, the main essence of putting on shoes which is the protection of the feet against harmful objects is defeated. Furthermore, the design makes a person look cartoon-like in appearance and the stylish features are not much noticed.

See-Through Skirts
These are skirts whose inner panels were constructed with stripes of thin material that probably did not seem sheer when suspended in normal lighting conditions. The shortcomings of this fashion are very much known as it exposes the under garments of people which invariable denotes being unclad. This should seriously cycled out and be replaced with something better.

Tube Tops
This is sleeveless, shoulderless, and armless garment that wraps around the upper torso. This partially exposes the breasts and midriff, often getting strained with incessant wearing and tugging.

Transparent Shoes
They are high-heeled and waterproof like in nature and usually made to cover the feet and is made mainly of PVC plastics. They are not exposed at all, this non-exposure of the foot to air causes bacterial and fungal growth which in the long run causes some foot diseases. Furthermore, some people are allergic to plastics and would not feel comfortable wearing it coupled with the fact that PVC material is rigid and don’t expand makes the shoe rigid and cause feet to swell during the day which is not healthy at all.

Tiny Sunglasses
The main essence of putting sunglasses as the name implies is to shield the eyes from sun rays, but due to how thin these glasses are they do not do satisfactorily the job and as such it should not be in vogue again.

Excessively Bejeweled Nails
The manicure and pedicure are very important in fashion, but to certain limits. When the nails over varnish in different colors it makes you look infantile and not fashionable at all, a simple color would suffice.

Small Bags That Don’t Fit In Anything
This is so trending now, the essence of having a bag is to put some stuff in it, a situation where you hung a bag around your neck but you are holding some items. Does it show any sense of maturity and responsibility? Hence This should not be used again.

Denim Shorts
This looking glaringly like a pant, and should not be worn out. This can only be worn indoors, but rarely should be worn period.

Torn Jeans
This is a customized jean where holes are created in front and back of it. They are trending jeans worn almost all over the world. Some fashionistas, however, went extreme to arrange jeans to areas that would expose their under garments. This is the height of irresponsibility of some people who ascribe fashion to be an art of being naked rather than being presentable.