Olivia Wilde’s skin is always so incredibly flawless. In fact, many know her for her natural beauty and the ability to rock a wicked cat-eye look as well. She is a jack of all trades! In this video, we get a glimpse into her beauty routine that aids her healthy, glowing skin. Warning…you may want to buy all of these amazing products!

1. Face mist: Wilde starts her routine with True Botanicals Nutrient Mist face mist.
2. Face oil: She follows it up with True Botanicals Radiance Oil, which she says she likes because it doesn’t just sit on your skin, it actually absorbs and moisturizes. In fact, Wilde doesn’t even use a moisturizer…just the oil!
3. Concealer: A nice gentle pat of concealer for the under-eye area.
4. Eyebrows: Wilde says she was like many in the 90s, and wanted Kate Moss’ brows and plucked them all out…and they never grew back! We feel you, Olivia. She fills them in gently with a basic brow color.
5. Eyelashes: The actress has fake lashes on, and suggests any busy mother or working woman to use them!
6. Eyeliner: She does a subtle liner look, the signature Wilde cat-eye.
7. Highlighter: Just a touch of highlighter on the cheek bones.
8. Blush: A tad bit of blush for the cheek bones and lips!
9. Lip balm: To pull it all together!
10: Face mist: Finishing it all how it began!