Mom jeans are always a topic of debate because you can only go one of two ways with them: you either love them or you hate them. While some may think that they’re not flattering and make the body look frumpy, others say they’re incredibly comfortable and add a little twist or attitude to the look. Whether you like them or you loathe them, they’ve gained tons of popularity as high-waisted everything is still a big trend and these certainly fit the bill.

If you love mom jeans or want to give them a try in a more chic way, check out these three ways to make these jeans look good.

Casual. If you’re in a hurry to run errands and need to put something together on a whim, try pairing your mom jeans with a plain t-shirt and solid colored sneakers. Throw on a bomber jacket and a beanie and you’ll be chased down by street style photographers thinking you’re a model off duty.
Feminine meets boyish. Looking androgynous gives you tons of cool points but sometimes you want to look feminine while still borrowing something from your boyfriend’s closet. Wear a crop with your mom jeans (turtle neck it if you can) along with some rich Bordeaux colored loafers. A blazer and a deep colored lip will pull the whole thing together to look tailored but still feminine.
Dress it up. We agree with the sentiment that mom jeans can only look so dressy (they are jeans, after all) but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress it up to its potential. Try pairing them with a feminine blouse either cropped or tucked in and nude colored heels. The reason nude should be worn is because it gives your legs the extra length they need when wearing the frumpy bottoms. A loose, wispy bun and clutch will make you look extra feminine.

To see more ways you can wear mom jeans, check out the videos!
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