(Photo Source: galpost.com)

Kate Beckinsale just committed the murder of her hair

That’s right; it’s possible Kate is no longer a brunette and instead has opted to sport a look that is simultaneously awful and yellow. She shared a photo on her Instagram of her looking up at the camera with a poorly colored blonde bob.

But don’t fret; it’s quite possible Kate is simply wearing a wig for her newest role in the film Jolt, a millennial action-comedy film. Kate included the hashtag #jolt in her caption, so it’s safe to say we’re probably looking at a faux style.

If you were someone who freaked out, don’t feel bad. It seems that celebs all over are switching up their hairstyles this summer, like Emma Roberts and Zendaya who both tried out new looks (but are also known for trying a completely different style at the drop of a hat). Fortunately, we think it’s safe to say this look Kate shared with her followers is one we will only be seeing if we check out her new movie.