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No fear, fool-proof fashion hacks are here

How many times have you had a fashion mishap (or malfunction, even!) ruin an occasion you’ve been looking forward to or prepping for a long time? Whether its an event where all eyes will be on you or a casual night out with your bestie, it’s no fun having a fashion-related bummer ruin even a second of it.

That said, we’ve compiled a list of 10 fashion hacks that you absolutely should be aware of and use, should the need arise. To win some major points, we suggest you share these nerve-saving gems with those you care about, as they’ll be more than thankful! Trust us, we’ve been there!

You may be doing this already and if so, go on with your bad self! If not, get cracking on this time-saving, super enjoyable hack that’s likely to become your life hack to stay. Take snaps of your favorite outfits and place them into a folder on your phone that you’ve titled appropriately. Do this frequently, minding moods and occasions (and seasons, naturally!) and use the self-styling folder as a reference.

Don’t let a run in your tights go any further, by spraying it with hairspray. A dab of clear nail polish will also do the trick!

No more wine-ing:
We know, we know: spilling red wine all over a light-colored outfit is such a cliché. Right? Well, let’s just say that while it has been exploited and perhaps overused in movies and TV shows, we are fairly certain that it’s happened to you at least once – are we right or are we right?! Thankfully, if (and when!) it happens next time, you’ll know what to do: get your hands on some white wine, stat! Ever so lightly, blot the area, until you’ve soaked it entirely. Even if you feel frustrated by what had happened (we feel you!), restrain from rubbing the stained area – and voila! Expect the stain to come out entirely!

You just got a brand new leather jacket and the day has come to debut it to the masses. There’s just one teeny problem, it’s really stiff and wearing it makes you feel like you’re strapped into something deeply uncomfortable. Super easy hack, incoming! Run your shower with super hot water and fill the bathroom with steam. Enter, with your leather jacket on and let it soak in as much steam as necessary, in order to mold to your body. Once you’re happy with the level of softness the jacket has acquired, step out – and conquer!

Other kind of juicing:
Spotting unsightly yellow pit stains on our fave white t-shirt is one of the greatest fashion-related bummers and instant mood-spoilers, ever. Right? While all may seem lost at that very moment, we suggest giving this a try first: mix an equal part of lemon juice (the real stuff is best, but a concentrate may work as well, if you’re in a pinch) and water and add a pinch of salt.

Run the affected area and let it sit for a couple of hours and then run it through a wash. Make sure you only use the salt on fabrics that are not delicate – cotton is fine, but nothing more dainty!