This year is undoubtedly the year that every celebrity and model out there chopped off their hair. From Rosie Huntington-Whitely to JLo, short hair is in and lobs are the top of the tier. If you don’t have FOMO already, just take a look at any fashion magazine or blogs online to see what we mean.

In the chance that you do have FOMO but aren’t willing to cut your hair, fake it till you make it with tutorial. It’s super easy and will work well with mid-length, long, and especially hair with a few layers.

surfsprayHere’s what you’ll need:
A curling wand
Bobby pins (preferably ones that match your hair color)
Texturizing spray
Teasing brush
A hair elastic
Now follow these steps:
Step 1: Part your hair down the middle and curl all the hair around the front and crown. Only curl each piece for about 5 seconds. Brush it out and spray some texturizing spray to make it look piecey and slightly undone.
Step 2: Section the hair that you curled on top of your head and braid the remaining hair into a loose braid. Secure it with the elastic.
Step 3: Roll the braid into itself and secure it with as many bobby pins as you need.
Step 4: Take the hair down that was sectioned-off earlier. If it’s looking a little flat, tease the crown area for added volume. Play with the hair until you get your desired look. Add more texturizing spray if you need to.
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