The transition of seasons is a great time to clean out your closet and since we are going from summer to fall soon, this revamp is going to be really simple for you. We all love a good trend while its happening but there’s just some trends that will never come back around, and were happy that they’re staying in the past. So, while you’re cleaning out your closet, be sure to toss, get rid of, and throw away any and all of these 6 dowdy styles!


Denim Leggings
If you have these immediately toss them into the giveaway pile! These pants are so 2008 and we are 100% sure they are never coming back, we promise. Now were not talking about jeggings here, we are talking about those stretchy, pocket less, elastic waisted monstrosities that no one wears any more, no one.

The Interview Pant
You know those pants that have no shape in them and are wide from the waist down. Trust us it’s time to get rid of them, no one wants to see these in an interview anyway so its time to let those go.

Although classic Fedora’s will always be in style, but owning a Fedora with the brim flipped up, chalk stripping, and if you have one with a contrast band toss them immediately.

Counterfeit Handbags
Not only are you not fooling anyone but also when you purchase one of these you are fueling a whole industry of organized crime and child labor. So, get rid of those and don’t do that again!

The Frump Pump
There are two types of shoes that you should purge and this is defiantly one of them. These pumps have that round toe with the hidden platform that’s not so hidden because everyone knows about it. In the current world of gorgeous pointy toes and beautifully engineered heels you’ll never wear these again.

The Peep Toe Cork Wedge
Last but not least the shoe that is way out of style. We know that Kate Middleton loves here’s but she’s a princess so she’s the only one that can get away with it.

So, here is to those space wasters and reclaiming your wardrobe that makes you so proud and never risking or doubting going out in public ever again!