Skincare is extremely important to us. Taking care of your skin keeps your skin healthy, hydrated, and happy. But when you don’t take care of your skin the right way…it could end up looking dull especially during the summer months. So what exactly is the cause of your skin looking so dull? Well it could very well be from one of these 9 reasons:

  • Your not exfoliating enough: Dry skin needs to be sloughed away.
  • You need to moisturize more: Use moisturizers with ingredients such as ceramides.
  • If you’re dehydrated you will leave your skin looking pale and sickly: Drink water!
  • Stress causes an increase in cortisol: This can affect skin repair.
  • You’re not sleeping enough: During this time skin cells repair themselves.
  • The environment you’re in is full of air pollutants and UV exposure.
  • Smoking: It causes collagen breakdown & skin looks wrinkled.
  • The makeup you’re wearing could be drying your skin out.
  • Not eating a healthy and balanced diet could be the cause.