Adrienne Bailon is multi-talented. She does music, TV and movies. How does the ‘Real’ cohost usually start her day off? Get the scoop on Adrienne’s daily beauty routine – and her favorite brands to use! When asked what her favorite makeup “look” is, she says people make fun of her for answering dewy, peachy, and golden – a classic J Lo look.

She likes to use bronzer and lashes, but is unafraid of trying new trends. She has tried alternative looks such as neon lips. She might not like it but will always try something new. Her daily routine starts with listening to music in the morning. The tone of the music sets her mood. Music styles like worship music get her started by being grateful for the day. She hits the gym first thing in the morning, then showers and uses a great moisturizer.
Her favorite is a head to toe body slather of coconut oil. She also loves Kiels products. She tries to use products that have very few chemicals in them. When doing her makeup, she begins by using foundation. She loves Urban Decay’s Naked line. She also loves Bobbi Brown concealer. She does her eyebrows with Anastasia’s eyebrow pencil, uses Shu Uemura eyelash curler, Dior mascara, NARS Orgasm blush and bronzer and Casino, and a simple Carmex lip gloss.

In addition to her busy schedule and looking glam, Adrienne has developed a nail polish line called Fingertip Fetish. She says one of the first things she notices about a person is their nails and nail art.