Victoria’s Secret Struggling Sales Could Effect The Infamous Runway Show

Since 2001, it’s safe to say that people everywhere have known about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Beginning that year, this fashion show was well-known for featuring sexy models walking the catwalk in an array of risque outfits, from lingerie to swimsuits and more. And while it has long been a popular viewing spectacle, it hasn’t come without controversy.

The VS Fashion Show may be a fun annual event, but viewers have been criticizing it for years due to its objectification of women, absence of plus-size and transgender women, and more issues. Because of these problems, among others, the New York Times reported viewership for this event has gone down by two-thirds in recent years.

Rumors of the canceling of this event come after a company-wide memo by L Brands’ CEO Les Wexner who stated that the brand will be receiving a “fresh look.” This new start will affect all areas of the business, including merchandising, marketing and brand positioning, their real estate portfolio, digital business, and cost structure.

Wexner then announced Victoria’s Secret will be rethinking the traditional annual fashion show without yet announcing what that means.