Find Fashion Advice From Alexa Chung On YouTube

Alexa Chung is practically a household name at this point. From her impressive journey in modeling, television, and fashion design, Chung is adding one more impressive title to her resume: YouTuber.

YouTube has grown over the past few years to become a huge hub for content creators. Some previously unknown YouTubers, who now boast millions of followers, can make in the millions, so it’s safe to say a face as well known as Chung’s will be successful on the platform.

When announcing her new channel, Alexa shared what she would like to achieve. Her goal for her newest platform is to “share unfiltered original content through a host of videos spanning fashion, art, travel, and other random things.” This was shared through the first video she published.

While Alexa may be known for her face and for her design skills, she is also highly regarded as a quirky, fun, witty person with a very unique perspective. With these qualities, Alexa’s success on the channel is much anticipated.

Her first video was an announcement of her new venture, while her second was a behind-the-scenes look at the designing of her 2019 Met Gala dress. For more information on Alexa Chung’s newly announced YouTube channel, take a look at the video above.