(Photo Source: mtv.com)

Alyssa Edwards brings drag to the world of beauty

Ever wonder what it takes to be a drag queen? The makeup, the look, the fabulous attitude- Alyssa Edwards shows you what it takes to get that drag queen look starting of course, with the signature Pretty In Pink makeup.

You may think that you can throw on a wig, splash on some makeup and be a drag queen. There is much more to it, an art even. It’s more of a persona that makes you feel good inside and out and so your makeup and your outfit reflect that.

As with any good beauty regime, skincare should be where you start and Alyssa Edwards definitely takes it to heart. “Before any painter can paint, you must start with a smooth, solid canvas”, revealed Alyssa. A wash, cleanse, and an exfoliator should start out any good beauty routine and is a must before you even start to apply your makeup.

The most memorable part of her Pretty In Pink look is in the eyes. For the look, Alyssa cuts no corners. The most important part is the primer. A good primer will allow your look to reach everyone and really makes the color pop. After that, the blending of colors will highlight the look and give you the perfect shade.