Chanel beauty introduces Lipscanner app

Chanel is solving the timeless beauty problem of finding the perfect shade of lipstick with the new Lipscanner app. The newly launched Lipscanner app utilizes AI technology to match any color in the world with Chanel’s lipstick shade.

The Lipscanner app was created through a collaboration with CX Lab and Chanel Makeup Creation Studio using an algorithm trained to analyze hundreds of thousands of faces accounting for skin tone and lip shade to recommend the perfect color and finish. The app doesn’t only analyze faces but can also recognize colors in objects to match shades with clothes and accessories.

This app is perfect for color matching your makeup with your outfit by scanning an image of your choice to match up with Chanel’s five color families including plum, natural, red, pink, orange, and red. The app also offers colors with a variety of finish textures including metallic, matte, satin, shine, or gloss.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created restrictions on shopping and trying on beauty products in-store making the Lipscanning app an alternative to trying shades in-person. Chanel has worked on developing virtual fashion try-on programs but this app is a first for Chanel’s beauty department with a glimpse into the future of the brand.