(Photo Credit: bandt.com.au)

Have you ever dreamed you could have magical access to the wardrobe of your dreams?

While it may not yet be possible to legally duplicate our own money to buy all the beautiful, luxurious pieces we want, Amazon has created a new tool that has us closer to finding the items we desire. Even better? The results, like all your favorite purchases, will lead you back to Amazon.com.

The online powerhouse recently added a new feature called StyleSnap, otherwise known as the “Shazam of fashion,” to its Amazon app to help you find items of clothing you have pictures of in your phone. Whether it’s a photo you’ve saved from somewhere online or a photo you captured yourself, Amazon’s AI-powered technology will search within its own business to find similar items for sale within the app.

This feature is one of many retailers is beginning to add to their business models, including large online retailers who specialize in fashion, like Asos.

Many are curious if the tool will live up to the hype, as Amazon’s last fashion tool, the Echo Look, failed in terms of user reviews.